Is Natural Gas Right For Me?

Vermont Gas has begun their outreach to potential customers in Middlebury and Vergennes. Converting to natural gas can be a big decision, and there are many factors for potential customers to consider. Just Power has put together a guide - Is Natural Gas Right For Me? - which includes information on the costs of converting, questions to ask a Vermont Gas sales representative, and a cost calculator.

Our team of "citizen experts" will be hosting Neighborhood Meetings to answer your questions about converting - and the pipeline project in general - and to share information that we have learned over the past few years. To schedule a neighborhood meeting with your friends or neighbors, email us.

Read a summary of potential conversion costs for Vermont Gas's residential and small business customers.

What's all this about the Vermont Gas pipeline and Hinesburg's Geprags Park?

The land that is now Geprags Park was deeded to the Town of Hinesburg in 1991 by the Geprags Estate. This gift of land came with a covenant that restricts the use of the lands to only public recreational and educational purposes. Vermont Gas's project relies on installing the pipeline through Geprags Park, so their lawyers are vigorously attempting to overcome the covenant through eminent domain. Much of this has just come to light in the last few weeks. Hinesburg residents are mobilizing quickly and effectively.

Read the March 9, 2016 article in Seven Days - Hinesburg Residents Scramble to Keep Gas Pipeline Out of Park

And then, read the March 22, 2016 update in Seven Days - Hinesburg Selectboard Scraps Vermont Gas Agreement

For more details on the situation - and how you can help now - see

Information on Blasting

Over the last few weeks, Vermont Gas has been holding information sessions regarding blasting of ledge that is required for portions of the pipeline route. More information will be added here as we receive it:

Are you a Vermont Gas customer?

The pipeline expansion project by Vermont Gas is being funded with rate increases and additional charges on you - the customer. Read this one-page guide that details the connection between ratepayers and the pipeline. Take action by filing a complaint now with the Department of Public Service.

Vermont Gas customers: File A Complaint

What is the Vermont Gas pipeline project?

Vermont Gas Systems (VGS) is Vermont's sole natural gas utility, offering service in the northwest corner of the state with a supply of fracked gas from Alberta, Canada. In 2011, VGS made public their plans to expand natural gas infrastructure to Addison and Rutland counties in Vermont, as well as to New York State for interconnection with the United States pipeline system. In 2012, VGS added to their plan a pipeline to the International Paper mill in Ticonderoga, New York. In 2013, VGS then-CEO Don Gilbert stated further expansion plans to the other "three corners" of Vermont: Newport, Bennington, and Brattleboro. All told, Vermont finds itself in the early stages of a statewide build-out of natural gas infrastructure.

Due to the strength of organized communities along the route, VGS canceled the "International Paper pipeline" in February 2015.

About Just Power

We are a grassroots group of Addison and Chittenden County residents who first organized around the Vermont Gas pipeline project three years ago. We're a rag-tag group of folks - including landowners along the pipeline route, retirees, students, parents, farmers, carpenters, and teachers - and we've become a strong and supportive hub in a statewide web of powerfully-organized climate justice groups. We have no budget or regular source of funding. All of us are ordinary people who volunteer our extra time in our daily lives out of a deep concern about climate change and Vermont's energy future.